Andrew? Class Act!

Hear what people are saying about Safioleas and his work, here! 

"Your event was extraordinary.  I loved it.  The exquisite music, the magic of the energy and sense of community in the room, your theme of serenity...all for healing.  Transformative, indeed...It was an honor for me to be your host for the evening, and a privilege to hear our Steinway played so beautifully.  You are truly an artist." 

-Vivian Handis, Piano Expert, Music Educator, and Former Sales Consultant of M. Steinert and Sons 

"Andrew and I joined the Board of Directors of the Fall River Symphony Orchestra at the same time, and working with him was a treat!  He not only offered his expertise on the Board, but performing with him in the FRSO was also a true pleasure.  Even playing amongst the musicians, he stands out of the crowd.  He's a remarkable man with the drive and aptitude for many things.  We miss having him in our orchestra!"

-Alycia Barcelou, Music Educator, Performer, and President of the Greater Fall River Symphony Society

"They say God gives everyone a gift - we just have to learn how to use it.  I am so glad you use your God-given gift to play the piano!  It was truly an excellent experience to witness your talent - uninterrupted and from the mighty Steinway!  Another great, big 'Thank You' for a job well done!  Thanks for all your time, effort, and talent!  The Pharmacy Flamingos are very lucky to have you!" 

-Maria "Ria" Clough, Philanthropist and Captain of the "Pharmacy Flamingos" Greater New Bedford Relay for Life Team

"Congratulations Andrew and Elizabeth!  Andrew you are truly so inspiring to these students!!!  I have tears of joy of your continued love for music as it gives us all great pleasure and it stirs our emotions.  Perhaps others will be encouraged to succeed in the music world.  Music moves people in many ways!  I think Elizabeth is a perfectionist and it takes much time and talent to get this piece just right, which she did.  Thank you." 

-Linda DeFruscio-Robinson, Lifelong Author and Skincare Expert 

"People don’t realize the far-reaching power of music: it’s a universal language that enriches so many parts of the human brain and life in general. So, when a child is given the opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument, or even sing in a choir, it’s a wonderful gift. Nathan and Amanda attend Carter Elementary School. One day, the music teachers presented the students with an option to learn to play a musical instrument. They were introduced to instruments of the string family, the piano, and wind and brass instruments. Nathan decided to learn to play the violin, while Amanda chose the piano. They worked hard on their music and their growing musical abilities affected other parts of their lives. Nathan, usually shy, developed confidence he hadn’t possessed before, especially when giving a presentation in class. Amanda, never very good at math, saw her marks increase.

Andrew Safioleas’s picture book story, The Wonderful Gift of Music, introduces young readers to the endless possibilities of learning to play a musical instrument. Following two students, Nathan and Amanda, the plot develops through their being presented with so many musical possibilities, such as choosing an instrument, learning to play, practicing, performing, and the many positive non-musical benefits from a good music education. The illustrations are colorful and help move the story along. The message is clearly presented, allowing young readers to understand the many benefits of learning to play a musical instrument. Young readers will appreciate this story as they learn how music can help them in so many different ways if they’re willing to accept music into their lives and work hard to be the best musician they can be on their instrument of choice. Cleverly presented.

-Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Award-Winning Author

"I've been a pianist since I was six years old, and I'm amazed at what Andrew plays, on an electric piano nonetheless.  If you heard this music on a baby grand piano, you would be in awe.  I listened to the Rachmaninoff Prelude and thought, "Okay, I don't have the patience to learn that piece, and I love that piece!" and I'm listening to Andrew in the back like, "Oh my God! This is amazing!""

-Pauline DeBalsi, Music Educator, Former New Bedford High School Choral Director, and Pianist